Alabama Patent of the Month – October 2023

Packet Energy Transfer (PET) is a phenomenon that occurs when a cable transmits energy in the form of pulses, which can be used for communication or power delivery. PET can be useful for some applications like telecommunications, but it can also cause interference, noise, or damage to other devices or systems connected to the same cable.

To detect PET in a cable, Telco Sales, Inc. has developed a device that can measure the current generated by the pulses and analyze its frequency spectrum. The device consists of an input that can generate a current by induction or capacitance with the cable, an A/D converter that converts the current into a digital signal, an FFT that transforms the digital signal into a power spectrum, and a spectral analyzer that compares the frequencies of the power spectrum with the expected frequencies of the PET pulses.

The device can detect PET in a cable by looking for two power maxima in the power spectrum, one at the fundamental frequency of the PET pulses and another at a harmonic frequency. If these two maxima are present, the device indicates that PET is detected in the cable. The device can also display the power spectrum or other information on a screen.

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