Arizona Patent of the Month – October 2023

In the realm of neuroscience and brain technology, there is an ongoing quest to understand and influence brain activity for the betterment of human well-being. Brain State Technologies LLC (DBA Cereset) believes the answer to many challenges – like insomnia, anger, and foggy thinking – lies within correcting brain asymmetry. Their inventions have focused on addressing brain asymmetry, a condition often associated with various physiological, emotional, and behavioral issues.

When brain activity is asymmetric, a person may be stuck in a state of stress. If stress – whether external or internal – overwhelms the brain, we may become trapped in a “freeze” response with a left-side brain imbalance. Conversely, a right side imbalance may lead to a fight or flight response. When balanced, the brain is relaxed and able to reset itself out of either of these responses.

Cereset’s method leverages the brain’s remarkable ability to associate sounds with brain waves, allowing individuals to establish a relationship between balanced brain states and ambient sounds. This connection serves as a subtle yet effective reminder for the brain to maintain equilibrium, offering a unique approach to rebalancing brain function without requiring conscious effort.

This innovation stands out from conventional neuro-feedback techniques that demand mindful attention and external interventions like transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS). Brain echoing, as pioneered by Brain State Technologies, operates on the principle of mirroring brain activity in real-time, allowing the brain to find balance on its own terms.

Building upon this foundation, Cereset takes the concept further by combining dynamic brain activity monitoring and real-time mirroring through sound. This synergy creates a powerful approach to addressing brain asymmetry and promoting balanced brain function.

Despite these remarkable advancements, there remains a need for novel technologies and methods that continue to enhance brain mirroring and rebalancing without user intervention. Various embodiments of the present invention aim to meet this need by utilizing pairs of channels to measure brain electromagnetic energy, detecting asymmetry, and delivering a combination of acoustic and electric stimuli to guide the brain back to balance.

These embodiments emphasize the importance of real-time monitoring, precision, and flexibility in mirroring brain activity. By dynamically adapting to the brain’s needs and mirroring its unique frequencies, this technology facilitates a deeper understanding of brain asymmetry and supports the brain’s journey towards optimal balance.

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