Arkansas Patent of the Month – October 2023

Vehicle break-ins have, unfortunately, become a common occurrence. Certain areas, like airport parking lots, are common targets leading to high rates of theft. In an effort to mitigate this risk, Assembled Products Corporation has designed their own vehicle security system which uses infrared (IR) sensors to automate protection.

Traditional security systems are armed manually, requiring the owner to set the alarm by locking the car. Assembled Products Corp’s design automatically arms itself when the vehicle’s engine is turned off. When the engine starts, it disarms seamlessly, eliminating the need for additional steps. The system is equipped with IR sensor technology to monitor the vehicle’s interior continually. When movement is detected within the vehicle, these sensors trigger the security system, activating the vehicle’s lights and siren.

In order to build in greater convenience, the company has implemented User-Selectable Time Periods. Users have the flexibility to customize the system’s operation through a dual in-line switch. This feature allows them to set specific time periods for various system functions, such as the time-to-arm, time-to-trigger, and time-to-sound.

In the event of a security breach, the system responds with a dual alarm mechanism. It triggers the vehicle’s lights and siren, providing both visual and auditory alerts to deter intruders and alert nearby individuals. To prevent accidental alarms, the system includes an intelligent disarm delay. When movement is detected, it delays the activation of lights and sirens, allowing authorized users to enter and start the vehicle without triggering the alarm.

The security system can be effortlessly disabled and enabled by the authorized user using a designated button. When disabled, the system will not arm upon engine shutdown, which is useful for situations like vehicle servicing or storage.

Assembled Products Corp’s innovative security system offers comprehensive protection for vehicles, addressing the specific needs of police and security vehicles. With its automatic operation, customizable settings, and robust alarm features, it sets a new standard for vehicle security.

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