Arkansas Patent of the Month – January 2024

In the realm of well drilling, innovation is the key to efficiency, and Pruitt Tool Co. keeps pushing the envelope. In well drilling, a rotating head assembly is positioned near the surface, allowing the circulation of various fluids used in the process. With a new nudge to the envelope, Pruitt Tool Co, has been granted a patent for their rotating head assembly, particularly the connection to the conductor pipe.

The device, meticulously crafted by Pruitt Tool, tackles a common challenge in drilling operations – the need for a secure and efficient connection between the bowl and the conductor pipe. Traditionally, welding has been the go-to method, a process fraught with downtime and expenses. Enter Pruitt Tool’s connecting device, a game-changer in the world of drilling.

At its core, the connecting device boasts a unique design that facilitates a swift and robust attachment of the bowl to the conductor pipe. The device features a connector body with an outer wall, upper and lower openings, and an inner aperture. What sets it apart is the attachment shoulder that ingeniously decreases the inner aperture’s diameter, creating a secure connection point for the bowl.

The brilliance of this invention lies in its simplicity and efficiency. No more on-site welding – the connector body can be pre-welded to the bowl, eliminating the need for time-consuming operations at the drilling site. The connector body’s attachment shoulder provides a stable platform for the bowl, ensuring a snug fit.

Fasteners play a crucial role in this innovation, directed radially inward through the outer wall into the inner aperture. By tightening these fasteners, the connector body securely latches onto the conductor pipe, holding the entire assembly together. No welding on-site, no cutting for removal – just a straightforward and efficient process.

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