California Patent of the Month – January 2024

Vence Corp has revolutionized livestock management with their Smart Animal Tag. This innovative device is a game-changer for farmers and ranchers, offering a sophisticated solution to the age-old challenges of herding and monitoring animals.

At the core of this invention is a compact animal tag equipped with a battery, a location sensor, and a processor. The magic begins when the tag is attached to an animal, initiating a seamless integration of technology into traditional livestock management practices.

The Smart Animal Tag operates within the framework of a virtual fence, defining the permissible boundaries of a paddock. The location sensor continuously tracks the animal’s position, ensuring it stays within the designated area. What sets this invention apart is its intelligent power management system – the location sensor strategically turns off during determined sleep times, conserving battery power while relying on predictions of the animal’s position relative to the virtual fence.

Incorporating an accelerometer adds another layer of efficiency, ensuring the location sensor activates only when the animal is in motion. This not only extends battery life but also enhances the precision of location tracking.

The invention doesn’t stop at location monitoring; it introduces a stimulus module capable of influencing the animal’s behavior. As the animal approaches the virtual fence, the module generates stimuli, such as electric shocks, sound feedback, or vibration, discouraging the animal from crossing the boundary. The intensity of the stimulus is intelligently adjusted based on the animal’s proximity to the virtual fence.

Additionally, the Smart Animal Tag facilitates herd movement. By defining virtual paddocks and scheduling transitions, farmers can effortlessly guide their livestock from one area to another. This not only streamlines herding practices but also optimizes grazing patterns and prevents overgrazing.

Beyond the practicalities of herding, the Smart Animal Tag opens new avenues for monitoring and understanding animal behavior. It incorporates a range of sensors, including GPS, accelerometer, altimeter, magnetometer, thermometer, and even a heart rate monitor. This comprehensive data collection allows farmers to gain insights into weight gain, estrus, distress, and overall herd dynamics.

Vence Corp’s Smart Animal Tag represents a leap forward in livestock management technology. By seamlessly blending traditional practices with cutting-edge innovations, this invention empowers farmers to enhance efficiency, animal welfare, and the overall sustainability of their operations. The era of smart livestock management has arrived, and it wears the Vence tag.

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