Briggo’s Robotic Barista: the coffee vending machine that’s actually not that bad

A barista that consistently makes your favorite coffee perfectly and never spells your name wrong? That’s what Briggo Coffee Haus promises with its affectionately-dubbed “robotic barista”. The Austin-based company developed its automated coffee dispenser to take the craft of coffee and mechanize the experience without sacrificing standards of perfection, personalization, and efficiency.

In a technologically-driven world where customization and convenience go hand-in-hand, the robotic barista seems like a match made in heaven. Coffee drinkers can choose from 13 options and adjust the order to suit their preferences, such as adding vanilla syrup, two shots of espresso, and skim milk. Wait a minute or two, and the perfect cup of coffee will appear. Customers’ orders are saved in the company’s cloud system so they can re-order their favorite recipe at a later time. There’s also a Briggo app that allows coffee drinkers to pre-order as they’re on their way to the Coffee Haus. According to Vending Times’ Paul Schlossberg, the whole process was intuitive, quick, and easy. He added, “Here is a vending machine for the 21st century.”

Briggo’s machine offers a precision that human baristas don’t have. While humans may measure based on dashes and splashes, moments and seconds, the robotic barista has its measurements down to the milligram and millisecond. Briggo CEO Kevin Nater explained, “Based on a customer’s selection, we precisely calculate to the gram the ingredients, as well as the precise frothing parameters needed based on those ingredients.” The Briggo machine can also make 100 cups an hour. It’s fast, convenient, and reliable.

Briggo recently introduced its robotic barista at the University of Texas’ renowned ice cream shop Moojo in Austin. Briggo asserts it doesn’t plan on replacing baristas. Rather, it seeks to bring its robotic barista to locations where good quality coffee is hard to find, such as corporate campuses, hospitals, and airports.

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