How to Claim the R&D Tax Credit for C Corporations

By definition,a  C corporation, under United States federal income tax law, refers to any corporation that is taxed separately from its owners. A C corporation is distinguished from an S corporation, which generally is not taxed separately. Most major companies (and many smaller companies) are treated as C corporations for U.S. federal income tax purposes. The legal structure of a business can impact how they claim R&D tax credits. In our previous video tutorial, we went through the process of claiming the R&D Tax Credit as an S Corporation.

Therefore, in our latest video tutorial, we go through the method of  claiming the R&D Tax Credit as an C Corporation.

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How to Claim the R&D Tax Credit for C-Corporations – SwansonReed

Topic covered in this video will be: How to claim the R&D tax credit for C-Corporations.

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