Learn what the R&D Tax Credit is in less than 4 minutes

“Spare Time” – for most the notion is somewhat of a mythological concept. Indeed, there is a universal truth that our lives are busy and very rarely do our lives pause for an interlude. Hence, when can we ever find the time to actually learn anything new?

In light of this, Swanson Reed has collected information about the research and development (R&D) tax credit and produced a short three and half minute training presentation. Each year $10 billion in federal and state R&D tax credits are claimed by U.S. businesses. However, only 5% of R&D credit-eligible small and mid-sized companies actually apply for the incentive. This is generally due to a lack of knowledge about what incentives are available and what they involve.

In this training video we overview what the R&D tax credit is, the impact, who is eligible, what the IRS four-part test is, and who qualifies. If you want to learn more or find out if you are eligible for the R&D tax credit,  contact one of our Swanson Reed Tax Specialists today.

Watch on YouTube: What is the R&D Tax Credit 

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