Colorado Network Promotes Innovation

“Colorado is the epicenter of today’s innovation conversation”

With a large R&D community and a progressive business environment, Colorado is well aware of the importance of experimentation and innovation in today’s culture. So much so they have created a network of more than 2000 global leaders dedicated to the concept.

As stated on its website, “the Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) is a catalyst for innovation with the mission of advancing connections in the global innovation ecosystem whereby Colorado is recognized as the most innovative state in the nation.”

Those a part of the physical and virtual network are devoted to the innovation ecosystem, growing companies and creating jobs in the public sector. They are working continuously to keep the conversation of innovation open and accelerating it.

The Colorado Innovation Network conducts an annual report on the state of innovation in Colorado over the past four years. The reports are founded on the pillars of talent, entrepreneurship, ideas and capital and evaluate data, statistics and qualitative insights across these four ideals.

If you would like to view the innovation reports from 2012-2015.

The network seems to be doing a great job with promoting statewide innovation and growth. According to, Colorado holds the following titles:

  • 1st in the nation for arts participation (2015)
  • 5th in the nation for startup  activity (2016)
  • home to the first startup weekend and the largest startup weekend in the world
  • the fastest growing economy in the United States (2014)
  • 2nd most highly educated state

Colorado offers a tax incentive to businesses conducting R&D and any innovative work within the state. Our specialists at Swanson Reed are always available to discuss your benefits on both a federal and state level.

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