A Tax Credit to Benefit the Wine Industry

The age old question: to wine or not to wine?

While the answer is always “yes” to wine, the Research and Development (R&D) tax credit should be giving winemakers (and wine drinkers) even more reason to celebrate.

The R&D tax credit could be making Northern California Wineries hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits each year, many winemakers are failing to even realize its existence. Those that are aware of the credit are unsure of its meaning and eligibility requirements.

Any company within in any industry is eligible for the credit if they substantiate their activities and satisfy the 4-part test.

With our video database, it is easy to understand the credit. The specialists at Swanson Reed have also put together case studies outlining real business situations and explaining how and why these businesses qualify for the credit.

If you’re a winemaker then the manufacturing and food beverage case studies should be of great help.

Want to find out if you are eligible for the tax credit? Click here

Are you a start-up business that is conducting in R&D, but just hasn’t made a profit yet? No problem, click here.

Our specialists at Swanson Reed are always on hand to discuss the best options for you and your business. Contact us now to learn more about the tax credit and your opportunities.

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