Colorado Patent of the Month – August 2023

Cardiovascular diseases continue to be a leading cause of mortality worldwide, demanding cutting-edge technologies for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. In this pursuit, Cleerly, Inc., a digital healthcare company, is revolutionizing the approach to managing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) risk. Their recently patented approach utilizes coronary CT angiography (CCTA) analysis, combining it with quantitative imaging algorithms to achieve a comprehensive evaluation of ASCVD.

Their approach measures atherosclerosis – plaque build-up in the heart’s arteries – rather than indirect markers such as risk factors and symptoms of disease. The process begins by assessing the baseline CCTA analysis results generated from the first medical image obtained at the patient’s initial visit. These results comprise key atherosclerosis and perivascular tissue parameters, such as presence, locality, extent, severity, or type of atherosclerosis. Armed with this information, Cleerly’s system proceeds to access a second medical image taken after an initial treatment, which is determined based on the baseline CCTA analysis. This treatment can encompass medications, lifestyle modifications, or interventional therapy.

Subject response to the initial treatment is critically analyzed by comparing subsequent CCTA analysis results with the baseline data. The system identifies changes in atherosclerosis parameters and uses this data to generate a personalized ASCVD risk score for the patient. Cleerly employs various risk categorization schemes, including predetermined stages, calcification patterns, and continuous quantified scales, to provide a comprehensive overview of the patient’s cardiovascular health.

By analyzing not only the ASCVD risk but also non-ASCVD measures like cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular parameters, Cleerly ensures a holistic evaluation of the patient’s health. The risk assessment considers various factors like future ASCVD event risks, contributing to informed decision-making for personalized treatment.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on cholesterol levels or hemoglobin A1C, Cleerly’s approach prioritizes non-invasive imaging, empowering physicians to make evidence-based decisions without invasive procedures. As recent research has shown, this shift towards non-invasive approaches is more effective for managing stable heart disease.

To further enhance accuracy and precision, Cleerly’s normalization device standardizes medical images obtained from different scanners and environments. The device features multiple compartments filled with samples of varying densities, closely resembling a blood vessel, enabling calibration of imaging analysis algorithms.

Cleerly’s innovative technology also extends to generating multimedia medical reports tailored to each patient. These reports encompass various multimedia elements, including personalized greetings, explanations of tests conducted, results, and conclusion segments. By fusing patient characteristics with medical information, Cleerly delivers comprehensive and understandable reports for enhanced patient engagement.

With the convergence of advanced medical imaging and data-driven analysis, Cleerly pioneers a new era in cardiovascular health management. Their commitment to precision, personalization, and non-invasive approaches holds the potential to positively impact the lives of millions worldwide, reshaping the landscape of cardiovascular care for years to come.

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