Connecticut Patent of the Month – August 2021

Minimally invasive procedures are always preferable as they have shorter healing time and lower risk of infection compared to an open procedure. As such, experts in the medical industry are constantly working on methods to reduce invasiveness in any procedure. Laparoscopic surgical techniques are the most common method to reduce invasiveness and use a trocar or cannula to help guide the instruments into the abdominal cavity. The trocar is designed to maintain pressure within the cavity without restricting freedom to move the instruments. Sometimes, the instruments produce smoke or debris and reduce visibility. OFten a flow of gas or air is used to clear the view, but the coupling component that attaches the gas tubes to the trocar requires incredibly precise alignment. Surgiquest, Inc. has designed a better coupling system which more readily aligns the trocar and tube sets with ease.

This connector system has two coaxial flow passages – one for flow in and one for flow out. Inner flow passage passes through a small diameter tube with an inner annular wall. Surrounding this tube is another, larger tube. The space between that outer annular wall and the inner annular wall allows air to flow out. The connector uses spring loaded latches to hold the tubes and trocar together. The latches hold in slots so that alignment is always correct. The latches fully enclose the mating device, and allows the tubing to twist without detaching. To unlock, pushing down on both spring pockets, compressing the springs and separating the locking features. Then the coupler can be removed. This provides a simpler and more secure coupling device for use in non invasive surgeries.

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