Living on the edge: How R&D helped DFW-based entrepreneur to build the Single Edge Razor 2.0

After quitting his job selling fighter jets around the world, Patrick Coddou launched a new company based in Fort Worth called Supply and developed its signature product: the Single Edge Razor. Now, two years since the company’s inception, Coddou is back with the Single Edge Razor 2.0.

Coddou told D Magazine he came up with the idea for the Single Edge Razor because of his sensitive skin: “I used to hate shaving and using those five blade razors. So my search brought me to this old style of razor. I loved it so much that I thought, you know, I think I can make one of these and show more people what these are.”  With the Single Edge Razor 2.0’s release this summer, Supply offers a new razor that is more durable and comfortable than existing multi-blade razors on the market.

From extensive research, Supply found that multi-blade razors caused irritation when shaving because these are often built as a “one-size-fits-all” product and the blades cut below the skin’s surface and pull up the hair to cut which results in discomfort and ingrown hairs. The razors are also more difficult to wash thereby prompting bacterial buildup in the blade and the material is usually cheap plastic that does not last. Supply’s Single Edge Razor 2.0, in contrast, developed three blade designs to account for distinct skin types: mild, classic, and aggressive. Mild was built for sensitive skin and short beard growth, aggressive was made for long beard growth and wiry hair, and classic for everything in between.  The Single Edge Razor 2.0 is designed to shave just at the surface of the skin, ensuring a closer shave and comfort, and is cleaned easily to avoid bacterial buildup. As well, the blades are 100% stainless steel and twice as thick as the average multi-blade razor, guaranteeing it is rust-resistant and unbreakable.

Additionally, the Single Edge Razor 2.0 was designed at a closer distance and angle between the blade and the safety bar than its predecessors.  While single edge razors have existed for decades, they have often been difficult to use because the blade must be held at the same angle throughout the entire shaving process or else there is risk of cutting and nicks. With the Razor 2.0, the angle is built-in for the user to handle with ease.

Coddou’s company is still constantly finding ways to improve its product. Supply employed an entirely new manufacturing process for the Single Edge Razor 2.0 by adopting methods used in aerospace and medical device manufacturing.  In particular, the company used the Metal injection Moulding process which built products with extreme accuracy and ensures quality of the product. The company hopes to continue to invest in this type of manufacturing and to expand to create more razors and even an entire line of grooming products, from shaving cream after-shave to body wash. You can find the company’s product on Kickstarter.

Supply’s expenses incurred during the design stage of building a new razor and improving the manufacturing methods are all eligible for the R&D tax credit. If you are also engaging in R&D to develop new products or improve existing processes, you could be up to 14% back on your expenses. To find out more, please contact a Swanson Reed R&D Specialist today.

Swanson Reed regularly hosts free webinars and provides free IRS CE credits as well as CPE credits for CPA’s.  For more information please visit us at or contact your usual Swanson Reed representative.

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