“Diamonds are Forever” – Eterneva turns loss into jewels to celebrate loved ones

Saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy. Loss is as intimate as the relationship we had with the person we lost. We each cope with it differently. Some cherish invaluable memories. Others seek tangible means to commemorate their loved ones. Many want to keep their loved one’s story alive from generation to generation.

When Adelle Archer lost her business mentor Tracey Kaufman to cancer in 2015, Archer hoped to honor Kaufman’s legacy in her own way. Archer was working for a diamond growing lab at the time. During a conversation with a technician at the lab, she conceived the idea of transforming some of her mentor’s cremated remains into a yellow diamond to give to Kaufman’s family. The idea then spawned Eterneva, a startup that takes ashes and turns them into unique diamonds and jewels.

Human remains contain carbon, a key component for diamond processing. Based in Austin, Eterneva uses a cup of ashes, approximately an eighth of the average amount produced from cremation, to create a diamond.  These diamonds are customizable by weight, color and cut, allowing customers to personalize diamonds unique to their loved one. Archer made a yellow diamond in honor of Kaufman since yellow was her mentor’s favorite color.

Eterneva’s approach is taking a different spin on loss and death. As Archer said, “A diamond lasts more than a single generation, the way an urn of ashes won’t. Nobody wants to inherit that, but they of course want to inherit their great-grandfather’s diamond.” One of Eterneva’s customers was a mother whose 19-year-old daughter died in a car accident. She chose to have her daughter’s ashes turned into a blue diamond ring. Archer explained, “She told me that she wants people to comment on it. It gives her an opportunity to talk about her daughter. People don’t want their loved one to be forgotten–they want to talk about them. They want them to be remembered and celebrated.”

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