R&D applications open for advancing cyber-resilient energy systems

$25 million of research has been funded by The Energy Department (DOE) into investigating innovative approaches to strengthen and secure the nation’s critical energy infrastructure. As energy cyber-security is a national priority, the Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) program is now seeking R&D applications.

The Energy Secretary strongly believes that Energy cyber-security demands an increase in advancement technologies in order to facilitate more secure and resilient systems for America’s future prosperity, vitality and energy independence. It is believed that programs such as CEDS have the best chance to pursue innovative cyber-security solutions to cyber threats facing the nation.

The Funding Opportunity Announcement builds on DOE’s efforts with the private sector towards improving the security of the nation’s critical energy infrastructure and reducing the risk of a cyber incidents that could disrupt energy delivery.

The five important areas that the selected programs will promote industry advancement in are:

  • Redesign for cyber-resilient architecture – electric and oil and natural gas (ONG) subsectors
  • Cyber-security for the ONG environment
  • Cyber secure communications
  • Cyber secure cloud-based technologies in the operation technology (OT) environment
  • Innovative technologies that enhance cyber-security in the energy sector

The due date for submitting an application is June 18, 2018 and submission must conclude in a demonstration of a developed technology at a relevant end-user site to validate a clear path to industry acceptance. Refer here for more information on the FOA.

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