EverlyWell Home Testing Kits Could Transform Healthcare

Securing a groundbreaking $1 million line of credit on Shark Tank for 5% equity in the company, EverlyWell home health testing kits may well transform the healthcare industry as we know it. CEO and Founder Julia Cheek came up with the idea after receiving thousands of dollars in unexpected lab bills after a diagnosis for chronic fatigue months earlier. Deciding this was not good enough, she left her corporate job and formed EverlyWell. The business aims to make medical testing more accessible to consumers by providing testing kits with a simple, one-off price tag.

A range of tests are available, from food sensitivity, women’s health and fertility, sleep and stress to the very popular STD test for men and women. The kits have helped thousands of people to improve their quality of life. One customer took the abnormal results she received using EverlyWell’s Vitamin D test to her doctor, who subsequently discovered that she had Thyroid cancer. She is now in remission.

The company are continually expanding their selection of tests. Recently, EverlyWell joined with DNA company Helix so that customers can learn the impact of DNA on their weight, DHA levels and metabolism. Further down the track, the company plan to sell their kits in retailers, in addition to their online store, to make the tests even more accessible.

The improvement of existing processes and products can have a profound effect on established industries. Cheek herself has stated that, “This is a really great time for female entrepreneurs. I think that women developing ideas and creating products from their personal experiences is powerful– we represent a large majority of the purchasing power in the country.”

EverlyWell has developed its own technology platform, genomic panels and are continually working on various features and new tests. These types of activities generally qualify for research and development tax credits where innovative businesses can receive a refund of up to 14% for eligible expenditure. Sound good? For further information, please contact a Swanson Reed R&D Specialist today or try our free online eligibility test to see whether you qualify.

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