Georgia Patent of the Month – October 2022

An injury to the knee, ankle, or foot can be debilitating, not only from the injury itself but from any resultant recovery time. Oftentimes, those in recovery are prescribed a wheelchair, crutches, or bedrest. But these solutions don’t always work, requiring limited mobility and restrictions from the usual routine. Knee walkers were the core solution to this, allowing patients to take advantage of their large leg muscles to lessen upper body pain and fatigue while remaining mobile. Rover Mobility, LLC are experts in knee walkers and protecting your Freedom to Move. 

In support of this mission, the company has recently patented their four-wheel steering knee walker. This design enhances maneuverability and stability over traditional knee walkers. The four-wheel steering system controls the articulation of both front and rear wheels, ensuring more precision and control over every move. The steering system is configured to turn the rear axle assembly in the opposite direction from the front axle assembly. These opposing angles allow for tighter turns and improved stability.

The design still uses a padded platform for the knee to rest, designed to keep excess weight off your injured leg. The entire device allows you to relax the injured leg without sacrificing movement or the convenience of carrying things or using your hands. Rover Mobility’s constant commitment to R&D has ensured they always remain at the forefront of the industry, representing a number of industry firsts including:

  • First ALL TERRAIN Knee Walker – The Original KneeRover®
  • First ALL TERRAIN Knee Walker for Children & Small Adults – KneeRover® Jr 
  • First ALL TERRAIN Knee Walker with shock technology – KneeRover® PRO
  • First Steerable Pediatric Knee Scooter – Knee Walker Jr
  • First four wheeled ALL TERRAIN Knee Walker for Children & Small Adults – KneeRover® Quad Jr
  • First 4 Wheel Steering Knee Walker – KneeRover® Fusion
  • First 4 Wheel Steering ALL TERRAIN Knee Walker – KneeRover® All Terrain Fusion

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