Hawaii Patent of the Month – August 2023

Adnoviv, Inc. ,a research-driven technology company focused on innovative sensors, has patented a novel radar-based detection system. This cutting-edge technology sets a new standard for accurately detecting the presence of people in a room, revolutionizing the field of occupancy sensing.

Traditional occupancy sensors have long suffered from limitations, often failing to detect sedentary individuals who are reading or typing. This oversight results in lights and HVAC systems turning off while the room is still occupied, causing frustration and energy wastage. Adnoviv’s solution addresses these issues head-on, offering unparalleled accuracy and real-time detection capabilities.

At the core of Adnoviv’s system lies a computer program product designed to interface with a RADAR sensor present in the room. The program code expertly processes the RADAR-based signal, employing a Riemann integral (RI) value calculation over a designated time window. Through this process, the system sets a threshold level for body movement, which adapts over subsequent time windows, enhancing accuracy.

The beauty of Adnoviv’s technology lies in its adaptability. By continuously adjusting the threshold level based on an average and standard deviation of measurement data obtained over varying time windows in vacant rooms, the system ensures precise detection even as the environment changes. This adaptiveness results in minimal false readings, eliminating common annoyances experienced with other occupancy sensors.

Another standout feature is the system’s ability to differentiate between presence and vacancy, coupled with providing valuable information on activity levels. When the RI value surpasses the threshold level, the room is determined to be occupied, prompting the system to send a turn-on signal to the controller responsible for environmental loads. This capability goes beyond mere presence detection, ensuring optimal energy savings and user comfort.

Adnoviv’s radar-based sensor also excels in concealed mode operation. Hidden behind walls, it remains undetectable while accurately assessing room occupancy and activity, making it perfect for discreet installations in various settings.

By leveraging the radar’s vital sign detection capabilities and RMS processing, Adnoviv’s system efficiently distinguishes motion from noise, rendering it highly effective even in challenging conditions.

In conclusion, Adnoviv, Inc. presents a groundbreaking radar-based detection system that sets new benchmarks in occupancy sensing. With its unmatched accuracy, adaptability, and concealed operation, this technology ensures optimal energy savings and user satisfaction. Are you developing new technology for an existing application? Did you know your development work could be eligible for the R&D Tax Credit and you can receive up to 14% back on your expenses? Even if your development isn’t successful your work may still qualify for R&D credits (i.e. you don’t need to have a patent to qualify). To find out more, please contact a Swanson Reed R&D Specialist today or check out our free online eligibility test.

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