Illinois Patent of the Month – August 2023

Machine-vision cameras and equipment are great tools for surveillance and control in a range of adverse conditions. This includes remote locations and extreme weather conditions. As a result, the tools that mount these cameras must be quite robust. Components Express Inc., a company who has made a name for themselves machine vision accessories and cabling, has developed a remarkable robust mount system capable of withstanding adverse environments while maintaining precise positioning for machine-vision cameras.

The mount uses a rectangular base and swivel system. The base is equipped with a two-sided center aperture. Within this aperture, several components are meticulously crafted. The lower swivel, designed with a conical-shaped tapered aperture, fits snugly into the upper side of the center aperture. Simultaneously, a disc-shaped puck is created to fit precisely within the lower side of the center aperture. These components are engineered to optimize the vertical fastening strength of the overall mount system.

To ensure effective fastening, two vertical screws are configured to engage the lower swivel into the rectangular base through the puck. The circular aperture of the lower swivel includes a flat shelf surface, which efficiently absorbs vertical pressure from the screws, further enhancing the mount system’s stability.

The upper swivel, featuring a conical-shaped tapered protrusion, is fastened to the lower swivel using a tapered-head screw. This connection allows the upper swivel to rotate within the lower swivel while maintaining sufficient resistance for precise adjustments.

Components Express prioritizes durability by manufacturing the rectangular base, puck, and swivels from robust materials like aluminum. Additionally, both the base and upper swivel are anodized to provide visible numbering and degree markings, ensuring accurate positioning with visible marks every 10 degrees.

The mount system exhibits remarkable versatility, offering two separate degrees of freedom over two rotation paths, each encompassing 360 degrees of rotation. With zero-offset from the horizontal and lateral axis, the center of rotation for the lower swivel aligns precisely with the center of tilting for the upper swivel.

To ensure the mount system’s resilience, Components Express subjects it to rigorous testing within environmental chambers, exposing it to varying temperatures and humidity levels. This thorough testing guarantees its reliability even in the most challenging outdoor conditions.

With the inventive mount system from Components Express, machine-vision equipment can now operate seamlessly in adverse environments, such as farms, coastlines, or any outdoor setting. The precision, durability, and resilience of this mount system make it an invaluable asset for those relying on machine vision in demanding applications.

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