Illinois Patent of the Month – June 2023

In today’s world, where sports injuries and post-surgical recovery are common, effective pain management and accelerated healing are crucial. Traditional methods of heat or cold therapy often fall short in providing consistent temperature control and convenient portability. Zenith Technical Innovations is set to change the game entirely with improved thermal rehabilitation technology.

THERM-X is a new therapeutic thermal compression device which combines temperature control, compression, and precise treatment customization. This device is a result of cutting-edge research and development, aiming to address the limitations of existing thermal treatment solutions.

At the heart of this innovation lies a temperature system featuring a heating and cooling assembly. This assembly consists of upper, center, and lower plates, with thermoelectric modules (TEMs) strategically positioned between them. By leveraging the unique properties of TEMs, the device can rapidly heat or cool a circulating liquid without the need for refrigerants or heating elements. This ensures precise and consistent temperature regulation, critical for effective therapy.

The device’s compression system complements the thermal treatment by incorporating an air supply assembly. With multiple air chambers and a sophisticated pump system, it offers customizable compression levels based on the patient’s needs. By precisely controlling the air pressure and utilizing different air chambers, specific body parts can receive targeted and effective compression therapy.

A state-of-the-art control system serves as the command center for this revolutionary device. Equipped with an intuitive touch-screen interface, it allows users to tailor their therapy sessions according to their preferences. From selecting treatment duration and temperature to adjusting compression levels, the control system empowers patients to take control of their recovery journey.

Notably, Zenith has also prioritized practicality and convenience. The device is designed to be lightweight and portable, ensuring that patients can continue their therapy at home or on the go. Gone are the days of cumbersome ice bags and unreliable temperature fluctuations; this device brings professional-grade thermal treatment into the hands of patients.

The THERM-X holds significant promise for various medical applications, from acute sports injuries to post-surgical rehabilitation. Its ability to deliver consistent temperature control, customizable compression, and optional deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis sets it apart from existing solutions. Furthermore, the device’s built-in microprocessor tracks treatment progress, providing users with valuable data and ensuring adherence to prescribed therapy regimens.

Zenith has genuinely revolutionized the field of thermal therapy with this groundbreaking invention. By combining advanced technologies, portability, and customization, the Therapeutic THERM-X is poised to enhance patient recovery and transform the way we approach injury rehabilitation.

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