Innovative Aerospace Products Made In Alabama

Alabama’s aerospace industry is developing products that could prove vital for the growing sector. Some of these developments were showcased at the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow in the UK. Here are some of the most impressive:

Inflatable Satellite Communications

This technology has been able to enhance high-bandwidth satellite communications, especially in remote areas. GATR Technologies is behind this product and state that it can be applied in broad areas that range from commercial, military and organizational set ups. Due to the product’s portability and light weight, it prevented Puerto Rico from being cut off from satellite communications completely by Hurricane Maria. As such, it was able to maintain Wi-Fi hotspots and cellphone signals. The company plans to expand to Huntsville and increase its workforce to 250 by 2019.

Rocket Drone Airplane

This product is an unmanned plane that has the ability to launch satellites in every 3 hours. The product has been dubbed Ravn and was created by Huntsville-based startup called Aevum. Its unique ability to launch every 180 minutes is the product’s main selling point, as other launch vehicles are able to fly only a few times per year with long lead times. Aevum has plans to launch numerous tiny satellites into space, which would improve communication networks globally.

Missile Defense Targets

A new operation in Huntsville is focused on the design and production of modified ballistic re-entry vehicles. These are unique to warheads in the sense that the re-entry vehicles have modified sensors that are able to accurately measure the effectiveness of the target. This way, enemy missiles are able to be detected and destroyed by the hosts’ defense system. This innovative product is headed by Lockheed Martin and is bound to be employed in a number of sectors such as the military.

As it is, Alabama is keen on engaging in research and development in all industries, the aerospace industry being of no exception. If your company is conducting R&D, you may qualify for the R&D tax credit. Take our eligibility test to find out whether you could benefit.

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