Small Hospital Innovation in Alabama

The Springhill Medical Centre is a modern hospital that is based in Mobile, Alabama. This hospital can take in over 250 patients and operates in a crowded, competitive healthcare sector. Since it is a private, for-profit health institution, it is always on the verge of looking for innovative tools so as to stand out from its competitors.

Springhill has been able to engage in innovation and research and development as illustrated by the following approaches.

Advanced Imaging Equipment, Infrastructure and Robots

  • Springhill has been able to adopt technology in an effort to boost outcomes and efficiency. In this, the hospital was the first in the state to use the da Vinci Xi robotic surgery system. The hospital is also one of the first in the world to use Cisco VoIP electronic health records. The Chief Information Officer at the hospital states that in order to remain competitive and profitable at the present era, companies must engage in innovative activities.

Listening to the Physicians

  • Throughout the years, the physicians at the Springhill Medical Centre have always been focused on innovation, consumer satisfaction and remaining competitive. Currently, the physicians are involved in several committees where they give recommendations on key innovation projects. Their goal is to find something that can be done better with the aid of technological solutions. With this mindset in place, stakeholders at the facilities have been able to incorporate innovation and research and development, which has seen the institution maintain a level ahead of its competitors in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare institutions in the state of Alabama should follow in the steps of the Springhill Medical Center as it is clear that innovation is a vital facet in generating better healthcare. As such, firms should aim at producing better technology that is sustainable or that improves on existing frameworks.

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