Louisiana Patent of the Month – January 2024

Kencoil, Inc. has spent the past 40 years building a name for themselves as a leader in form wound and specialty coils. The company provides expertise for original equipment manufacturers and after-market repair customers in the electric motor and generator industries. They have earned their place at the head of the industry through their commitment to innovation and improving technology.

The company has recently been granted a patent for a new approach to manufacturing stator coils, revolutionizing the world of insulated electrical components. This innovative process promises enhanced efficiency and reliability, setting a new standard in coil production.

The journey begins with the meticulous wrapping of individual copper strands with polyimide insulation, laying the foundation for a coil designed for peak performance. Grouping these strands together forms multiple turns, a crucial step that defines the coil’s structure and functionality.

Adding a layer of sophistication, each turn undergoes individual wrapping with a specialized three-ply, B stage, solventless epoxy bonded mica paper tape. This not only ensures insulation but also contributes to the coil’s resilience. The hot pressing and consolidation process that follows eliminates voids, creating a flawless assembly that withstands the rigors of electrical applications.

The complexity of Kencoil’s method becomes apparent as the wrapped turns are meticulously layered. A first ground wall layer, consisting of another epoxy bonded mica paper tape, is wrapped around the consolidated turns. This layer acts as a protective shield, enhancing the coil’s durability.

The innovation continues with a second ground wall layer, this time utilizing a film back mica tape with glass, mica, and polyester layers. This strategic choice adds another dimension to the coil’s structural integrity, ensuring it meets the highest standards.

The final touches involve wrapping the second ground wall layer with an armor tape, fortifying the coil against external stresses. For added versatility, Kencoil’s method offers optional steps, including the application of a third ground wall layer, conductive tape, and stress grading tape before the armor tape.

This method isn’t just about manufacturing; it’s about crafting a coil that goes beyond expectations. Further curing in an oven solidifies the coil’s structure, making it a robust component ready to power the future.

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