Maine Patent of the Month – January 2024

RxAnte, Inc. is developing technologies to advance pharmacy care management by integrating novel analytics and value-based pharmacy services. 

The company has pioneered a revolutionary system that brings precision and efficiency to patient care. This groundbreaking invention focuses on identifying a patient population in a healthcare program through a sophisticated predictive function applied to patient characteristics.

The innovative method begins with the determination of a list of healthcare providers and patients, setting the stage for a targeted approach. RxAnte’s system goes beyond traditional methods by generating adherence risk scores for each patient using a predictive function. This score becomes a critical tool in tailoring interventions and maximizing the impact of healthcare programs. By applying this score to the list of patients, a subset is identified based on factors related to the likelihood of adherence post-intervention.

The user interface, a key aspect of this inventive system, takes center stage with its dynamic capabilities. The first view provides a comprehensive overview, identifying prescribers and patients, along with an itemized listing of therapy areas for each patient in the subset. Notably, monetary indications associated with therapies add a layer of financial insight, enhancing decision-making.

The system seamlessly integrates historical data for each patient, applying it to generate a prediction function. This predictive analytics model undergoes a meticulous setup procedure, including the division of data into training and validation files, ensuring its accuracy and reliability.

This method isn’t just about predicting outcomes; it’s about leveraging data to optimize healthcare delivery, improve medication adherence, and drive tangible benefits for both healthcare providers and patients. RxAnte’s invention represents a paradigm shift, harnessing the power of predictive analytics to reshape the future of patient care.

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