Malibu Poké in Dallas: the seafood restaurant where they’ll never forget your face (thanks to their facial recognition technology)

Seafood lovers mark November 28, 2017 off your calendars because Malibu Poké is opening up in Dallas’ Turtle Creek Village! Fans and new converts to poké, a raw fish salad originating from the beaches of Hawaii (and not the physical act of poking someone), are expected to flock to the new location. While the Lone Star State is known more for steak and red meats, the seafood trend is exploding throughout North Texas, with the region already boasting nearly 6,284 poké restaurants. But what makes Malibu Poké different? The answer, according to TJ’s Seafood Market & Grill owner Jon Alexis: a tasty product and state-of-the-art tech, including facial recognition technology.

Malibu Poké is a quick-serve concept, committed to delivering high quality food quickly and efficiently. To do this, the new Dallas location has installed self-serve kiosks which are embedded with facial recognition technology so that the machines can “remember” a guest’s order history. With these kiosks, Alexis hopes that long lines and wait times would be reduced so that orders bring the freshest foods. The self-serve kiosks would also help guests build customized poke bowls and get more nutritional information about ingredients. For those who prefer human interaction, there will always be a Malibu “Poké-Pro” to assist guests.

Aside from its state-of-the-art technology, the restaurant’s menu crafted by FT33’s Chef Matt McCallister is set to be taste-bud pleaser. Alexis said, “Quite simply, it’s a better bowl of poké—the ‘fishmonger’s poké.’ Our emphasis is on freshness, nutrition, and sustainability. Matt’s menu clearly differentiates us from Dallas’ other poké.” In addition to “classic” poke, the menu will offer “even bolder flavors such as smoked bonito aioli, yellow curry, Japanese sancho pepper, Asian pear, daikon, marinated shiitake mushrooms and more.” Malibu Poké is committed to using high quality ingredients, sourcing them from local farms where possible, as well as ensuring healthy eating with its 100% gluten free policy and vegan options.

“Malibu Poke has become so much more than we originally envisioned. With creative input from Matt and my super passionate partners, we have created something truly unique,” said Alexis.

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