Minnesota Patent of the Month – February 2024

Imagine boarding a flight with the unwavering assurance of an on-time arrival. Architecture Technology Corporation’s (ATCorp) pioneering ASSET system transforms this vision into reality by predicting potential airport delays before they even unfold. ASSET – which stands for Aircraft Surface State Event Track – 

ATCorp is a software technology company focused on developing solutions for both government and commercial clients. Their primary focus is on next-gen networking, cybersecurity, airspace traffic modeling, high-performance computing, information management, and engineering for complex hardware/software systems.

Conceptually, ASSET functions as an intelligent co-pilot for your aircraft. Onboard sensors diligently gather data on movement, speed, and even subtle sonic signatures. This critical information is then transmitted to a powerful off-site computer for real-time analysis. Utilizing this intricate dataset, ASSET makes statistically accurate predictions regarding imminent events such as taxiing, takeoff, and runway arrival.

The positive ramifications are multifaceted. Airlines gain the ability to optimize schedules and ground staff allocation, minimizing delays and streamlining operations. Passengers experience reduced stress and enhanced peace of mind, knowing their flights are likely to adhere to timetables. Furthermore, early detection of potential issues translates to heightened safety measures.

ASSET’s capabilities extend beyond mere prediction. The system affords additional functionalities:

  • Confidence Reinforcement: Statistical analysis underpins each prediction, assigning a quantifiable confidence level for increased assurance.
  • Proactive Insights: By analyzing historical data, ASSET uncovers the underlying factors contributing to delays, empowering airports and airlines to implement proactive solutions.
  • Timely Alerts: In the event of a potential issue, ASSET transmits alerts to ground staff and pilots, enabling them to take necessary corrective actions.

This transformative technology represents a new advancement in air travel technology. By proactively predicting and preventing delays, ASSET possesses the potential for a smoother, more efficient air travel experience.

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