Mississippi Patent of the Month – February 2024

Vision Engineering, Inc. (VEI) is at the forefront of innovation in the field of verification systems, addressing the critical challenges faced by high-risk packaging operations. The company has been developing solutions to address unmet needs in the medical manufacturing industry since 1986. The company has grown over the past nearly 40 years, developing a comprehensive suite of quality centered solutions. With an approach like this, innovation never stops.

VEI has recently been granted a patent for their verification technology. The solution presents a comprehensive method and system designed to revolutionize the packaging and verification processes, particularly in the context of medical device packaging.

The method outlined in the patent combines human and technological elements to ensure the accuracy and integrity of each kitted device. The operator, armed with credentials, logs into the processing unit of the verification system, initiating a sequence that systematically verifies and packages components for each kitted device.

The system, with access to a comprehensive database, retrieves information about the components from the processing unit. It then configures hardware and display devices, providing real-time status indicators to guide the operator through the packaging process. This dynamic interaction between the operator and the system ensures that each component is verified and packaged according to standard work procedures.

The serialization aspect of the invention adds an extra layer of traceability and accountability. Unique identifiers specific to the components packaged within each kitted device enable precise tracking throughout the entire process. This serialization not only enhances quality control but also addresses the regulatory and compliance requirements set by authorities like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The invention caters to both manual and automated packaging scenarios, demonstrating its adaptability to diverse operational setups. The automated device, equipped with multiple sensor types, collaborates seamlessly with the system to verify each component accurately. This fusion of human expertise and automated precision results in a verification system that significantly reduces the risk of errors, product mix-ups, and incomplete kits.

The verification system is not limited to a single iteration. It intelligently prompts the operator or automated device to scan/verify additional components, ensuring a comprehensive and foolproof verification process. The system’s capability to verify the completed quantity of kitted devices further fortifies the overall quality assurance.

VEI’s invention represents a leap forward in the realm of packaging operations, particularly in high-risk environments. By addressing the vulnerabilities of current processes and introducing a robust, serialized verification system, this innovation sets a new standard for precision, efficiency, and compliance in the packaging industry.

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