Nebraska Patent of the Month – September 2023

Security is a key pillar in a stress-free life. Using locks and keys and password-protected logins are standard methods for restricting access and protecting assets. Geokey, Inc. uses modern technology to bring better control to your security systems.

A keyless entry system offers a greater level of convenience without compromising security. This is especially true when managing multi-unit buildings, as you are no longer required to carry around a physical key for every door. Geokey’s invention is all about flexibility, security, and convenience. At its core, it’s a system designed to grant access to authorized users based on their location and credentials. 

Geokey’s system starts with a portable device, which can be a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or even a dedicated electronic device. This device becomes your key to accessing various access points. Access Point Devices Are positioned at any desired location which means anything from doorways and vending machines to lock boxes and appliances. Each access point device is equipped with an access mechanism that can grant access to authorized users.

An intelligent server is then used to check if the user of the portable device is authorized to access the desired access point. It does this by verifying the credentials provided by the user. This involves comparing location data, retrieved from the portable device to identify nearby authorized access points. You, the authorized user, can then select which door to unlock.

When you make your selection, the system sends a control signal from the server to the chosen access point’s mechanism. It opens the door, releases a vending machine’s goodies, or grants access to the resource—all without the need for direct communication between your portable device and the access point.

Geokey’s invention isn’t just about physical access; it can be applied to electronic resources too, like computers and servers or even specific files on a computer.

A single access device can be correlated to multiple authorized users. Then, any access granted or denied can be tracked and monitored. The system’s Live Tracking tab will show who is swiping, which access point they are unlocking, and at what time they unlocked it. This type of data goes above and beyond in tracking and understanding access requirements and support.

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