Nevada Patent of the Month – September 2023

Automated Cashless Systems, Inc. (ACS) is combining gaming and payment processing, developing the first POS Debit fund processing system for gaming patrons. Their proprietary system, PlayOn, facilitates “On-Game Cashless Transactions” at gaming tables and slot machines.

Traditionally, transferring funds into gaming devices involved cash, paper currency, coins, “monetary value cards,” game tokens, or coupons. These funds were converted into gaming credits using coin acceptors, bill acceptors, or card readers associated with the gaming device. When a patron wanted to cash out, a ticketing system or value card system came into play. It read and printed tickets with game play credits or wrote the value onto cards for redemption at external kiosks or cashier stations.

ACS recognized that there had to be a more convenient and efficient way to handle transactions in gaming environments. With PlayOn, they have introduced an electronic transaction system that allows patrons to purchase credits seamlessly without leaving their gaming devices. 

Mobile Electronic Transaction Terminals, in exclusive electronic communication with a secure gateway, are strategically placed throughout the gaming environment. They provide players with a user-friendly interface. At any of these terminals, players can initiate an electronic transaction request in the standard method of inserting a payment card and entering their PIN.

The secure gateway relays the electronic transaction request to a financial account server. This step ensures the transaction’s security and accuracy. Once the financial account server approves the transaction, the secure gateway generates an authorization to dispense credits. These authorized credits are then dispensed by the credit system associated with an activity table or gaming device. Patrons can continue playing without interruption.

This innovation eliminates the need for patrons to leave their gaming devices to find an ATM, withdraw cash, and return. It also reduces the reliance on physical cash transactions within the gaming facility. Moreover, it provides a secure, efficient, and accountable system for purchasing credits, addressing regulatory requirements.

The system offers benefits for both patrons and gaming establishments. Patrons enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, while casinos can efficiently manage funds and transactions while reducing the need for physical cash handling.

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