New Mexico Patent of the Month – June 2023

Water mains play a crucial role in delivering clean and potable water to our communities. However, over time, these pipes can accumulate sediments, debris, and contaminants that compromise water quality and reduce flow capacity. Traditional methods of maintaining and inspecting water mains often involve time-consuming and costly procedures such as hydrant flushing or pipe excavation. These processes often require depressurizing the water main, wasting water, and potentially dumping chemical-containing water into the environment.

What if there was a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution? NO-DES, Inc. was founded in 2002 to address this exact problem, offering “No-Discharge Systems” to save water and reduce maintenance costs and impacts.

The NO-DES pig launch and recovery apparatus is a versatile piece of equipment designed to be mounted onto and removed from a water supply system with ease. In the context of pipelines, a “Pig” is a Pipeline Intervention Gadget and is used to clean or inspect pipelines.

NO-DES’ novel pig design consists of a linear flow tube, a launch and recovery tube, valves, and a main flow valve. The linear flow tube connects to a recirculating unit, which includes a pump, providing the necessary pressure to drive the pig through the water main. The launch and recovery tube is responsible for deploying and retrieving the pig from the system.

One of the key advantages of the NO-DES system is its ability to perform maintenance and inspection under system pressure. Unlike traditional methods that require depressurizing the water main, NO-DES eliminates the need for downtime and water wastage. The pig, equipped with cameras, GPS sensors, scrubbers, batteries, and lights, travels through the water main, collecting valuable data and removing debris and sediments along the way.

By utilizing a recirculating fluid circuit, multiple sections of the water supply system can be cleaned and flushed efficiently. The NO-DES system can be connected to various points in the water supply system, such as hydrants, allowing for targeted maintenance and inspection. This targeted approach reduces the need for extensive flushing and eliminates the associated costs and inconveniences.

In addition to its operational benefits, NO-DES is environmentally friendly. The system prevents the discharge of contaminated water into storm drains by de-chlorinating the water before it is released. It complies with regulations and minimizes the impact on aquatic life, ensuring the protection of the environment.

By combining efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility, this innovative system is transforming the way water supply systems are managed. With NO-DES, communities can enjoy cleaner water, reduced downtime, and minimized water wastage. 

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