Pennsylvania Patent of the Month – July 2022

Star-shaped polymers are the simplest class of branched polymers with a general structure consisting of several (at least three) linear chains connected to a central core. Pilot Polymer Technologies, Inc. has recently developed and patented their method for preparing salt-tolerant star macromolecules. These products achieve a salt tolerance of at least 10,000 cP making them suitable for real salt tolerance in thickening agents or use in rheology modifiers. 

Pilot Polymer Technologies, Inc. uses their expertise to manufacture and develop polymers through a rigorous and controlled radical polymerization (CRP). Their products are designed for use in a range of industries including the oil field chemicals, lubricant additives, and paints and coating markets. Their CRP tool took a decade of experimentation to get right, and lends hand to their rapid development of well-defined polymers and precision architectures. It’s this technology that has successfully created their reliable salt-tolerant, star-shaped macromolecules. 

The polymer compositions can be created with numerous variations to adjust to different applications. For instance, the product could have 5 arms or it could have more. This variation creates different solubilities and allows the product to be better suited for different types of liquids. The CRP allows for precision control over the viscosity and consistency factors.

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