Revolutionizing Care: Carewell’s $24.7M Series B Funding Unveiled

In the dynamic world of healthcare, where compassion meets commerce, Carewell Family, Inc. (Carewell) has emerged as a beacon for family caregivers. The Miami-based online retailer, founded in 2017 by Bianca Padilla, recently secured a substantial $24.7 million in Series B funding. This financial injection, led by MBF Healthcare, showcases a resounding vote of confidence from existing investors like Sageview Capital, Headline, Primetime Partners, Nextview, Florida Opportunity Fund, and Anchor.

Carewell’s mission is nothing short of transformative – providing essential tools and resources to family caregivers navigating the complex landscape of healthcare. The company’s commitment is reflected not only in its product offerings, ranging from incontinence supplies to nutritional supplements, but also in its comprehensive support system. Carewell boasts a team of trained customer care experts, an arsenal of over 300 educational articles, detailed video content, FAQs, and product pages that empower caregivers with knowledge.

Bianca Padilla, the visionary CEO and Founder of Carewell, emphasizes the emotional and physical toll that caregivers endure. In her words, the mission at Carewell is to help educate, support, and advocate for these selfless heroes. Padilla’s personal experience as a first-time caregiver to her grandmother underscores the crucial gap that Carewell aims to fill.

The Series B funding comes at a pivotal moment for Carewell, facilitating strategic growth initiatives, advancements in e-commerce technology, and an enriched customer experience. The company has also made significant strides by relocating its headquarters to Miami and welcoming seasoned executives from, a testament to its commitment to excellence.

Mike B. Fernandez, Chairman of MBF Healthcare Plans, lauds Carewell’s dedication to exceptional customer experience and high-end products. The company’s unique positioning in the market has garnered support from healthcare investors who recognize the transformative potential Carewell holds in shaping the future of healthcare and caregiving.

As Carewell embarks on this exciting journey fueled by Series B funding, the promise of improved service, an expanded product suite, and a profound impact on the lives of caregivers looms large on the horizon. The $24.7 million influx marks a significant milestone in Carewell’s pursuit of revolutionizing caregiving, one empathetic step at a time.

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