Revolutionizing Industry: AtmosZero’s $21 Million Boost for Zero-Emissions Technology

In a significant stride towards a sustainable future, AtmosZero has secured a substantial $21 million in Series A funding to advance the commercialization of its groundbreaking Boiler 2.0 system. Designed as a zero-emissions technology, the Boiler 2.0 system is poised to transform the industrial landscape by generating high-temperature steam without contributing to the carbon footprint.

Industrial boiler systems, currently responsible for approximately 8% of global energy consumption, have long been a challenge in the quest for sustainability. These conventional systems, heavily reliant on fossil fuels, pump out around 2.25 gigatons of carbon emissions annually. Recognizing the need for a radical shift, AtmosZero offers an electrified, drop-in replacement for steam boilers.

The innovative technology operates by harnessing ambient heat from the air, a process that not only generates steam efficiently but also significantly reduces overall facility energy needs. This dual benefit translates to enhanced efficiency and considerable cost savings for industries, underlining AtmosZero’s commitment to sustainable solutions.

Co-led by Engine Ventures and 2150, the Series A funding round saw participation from notable entities like Constellation Energy, Energy Impact Partners, Starlight Ventures, and AENU. The Department of Energy’s Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office further endorsed AtmosZero’s vision with a substantial $3.2 million grant.

One exciting development on the horizon is AtmosZero’s partnership with New Belgium Brewing, marking the initiation of the first commercial pilot for the electrified Boiler 2.0. With a robust 650-kilowatt capacity, this pilot, set to be installed at New Belgium’s headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, represents a tangible step towards real-world application.

The newly secured investment will not only bolster the pilot project but also facilitate the establishment of AtmosZero’s European subsidiary based in Amsterdam, amplifying the company’s global reach.

As industries worldwide grapple with emissions reduction targets, AtmosZero stands at the forefront, offering a viable solution to the decarbonization of industrial heating. With a mission to replace existing fossil-based systems, AtmosZero’s electrified solution, as backed by investors and the Department of Energy, signifies a crucial step in the journey towards achieving net-zero emissions and a more sustainable, environmentally conscious industrial sector.

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