Rhode Island Patent of the Month – August 2023

In the world of scientific exploration, one technology stands out for its power to reveal the universe’s tiniest secrets – the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Its ultra-high resolution provides a glimpse into the atomic structures of materials, revolutionizing fields from biology to material science. Yet, even the most powerful tools have their limitations, and for TEM, sample preparation has long been a bottleneck. That’s where NanoSoft, LLC comes in, offering groundbreaking solutions to transform cryogenic TEM sample preparation.

Traditional TEM sample preparation is like an intricate dance, requiring delicate steps to ensure samples are preserved accurately. NanoSoft’s revolutionary methods streamline this intricate process.

Imagine a hydrophilic substrate compatible with a cryogenic TEM. Now, NanoSoft introduces a porous material to the scene. They have orchestrated the flow of a fluidic sample through this substrate, allowing it to interact precisely with the hydrophilic surface. The porous material acts as a conduit, guiding the sample to the right places. And here’s the clincher – the substrate, now infused with the sample, is gently submerged in liquid cryogen. This vitrifies the sample, locking its structure for observation.

But NanoSoft doesn’t stop there. They’ve turned the process into an art form, allowing synchronization between the substrate and porous material, guaranteeing a harmonious plunge into the cryogenic depths. Their methods enable scientists to explore samples without the artifacts of traditional methods, opening doors to new discoveries.

NanoSoft’s innovations aren’t just changing sample preparation; they’re reshaping the potential of TEM. Their techniques enable us to delve into materials at an atomic scale, all while maintaining their integrity. Whether it’s deciphering the mysteries of cellular machinery or understanding the behavior of novel materials, NanoSoft’s inventions are accelerating progress.

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