South Carolina Patent of the Month – August 2023

Graffiti has long been a form of artistic expression and cultural commentary, adorning walls and urban surfaces around the world. While graffiti may hold value as an art form, the unwanted or unauthorized markings can often lead to defacement and decreased aesthetic appeal in public spaces. This challenge has prompted researchers and innovators to seek effective solutions for graffiti removal, and Ethox Chemicals, LLC has emerged as a pioneering force in this domain.

Ethox Chemicals, leaders in specialty chemical manufacturing, has introduced a groundbreaking invention in the realm of graffiti removal. The company’s ingenious graffiti removal system is revolutionizing the way unwanted markings are erased from surfaces, offering a cleaner, more sustainable, and efficient approach.

At the heart of this innovation lies a liquid formulation comprising a carefully engineered combination of components. Notably, the system includes a glyceride, derived from the condensation reaction of glycerin and a specialized mixture of acids. This intricate mixture, formulated with precise proportions, ensures optimal performance in breaking down the chemical bonds within graffiti materials.

One of the remarkable features of Ethox Chemicals’ invention is its shear-thinning property, quantified by the Brookfield Yield Value (BYV). This property allows the liquid to exhibit lower viscosity under high shear conditions, such as during application, while thickening upon dispersion. The result is a product that can be easily applied and controlled, adhering to surfaces without unwanted dripping or spreading.

Ethox Chemicals’ graffiti removal system not only effectively dissolves and weakens graffiti materials but also offers environmentally friendly attributes. With a focus on water-based, biodegradable components, the system aligns with modern sustainability standards, minimizing adverse impacts on ecosystems and human health.

In a world where urban aesthetics are essential to the quality of public spaces, Ethox Chemicals’ invention has the potential to transform how cities combat graffiti-related challenges. By providing an efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly solution, this innovation reflects the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of chemical technology to address real-world problems.

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