South Dakota Patent of the Month – May 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and electronic communications, Coin Lion LLC (CoinLion) emerges as a safe and secure way to start trading crypto. CoinLion, an innovator in the field, has developed an electronic communications method which supports their trading platform. This cutting-edge method introduces new possibilities for the sharing and duplication of actions, creating a wave of excitement among blockchain enthusiasts.

CoinLion’s platform aims to bridge the gap between novice traders and experts, allowing users to follow and learn from someone else’s trading strategies. At the heart of CoinLion’s invention lies an electronic application that serves as an interface between users and various blockchain networks. The application receives electronic information from different blockchains without adding blocks or causing electronic actions, enabling seamless data acquisition. This information pertains to quantities of electronic tokens that change at different rates over time.

To enhance the user experience and facilitate data visualization, CoinLion’s electronic application generates captivating graphical features. These features combine electronic information received and illustrate the changes to the quantity of electronic tokens over time. Users can enjoy a range of graphical representations such as pie charts, line charts, and block charts that dynamically adapt to the fluctuations in token quantities.

One of the notable aspects of CoinLion’s method is its integration with electronic social networking applications. The electronic application seamlessly sends the aggregated electronic information to designated electronic identifiers associated with the social networking application. This allows users to publicly post the information, sharing it with their network and fostering a collaborative environment.

Moreover, CoinLion’s method introduces an exciting feature—a flexible allocation parameter. Users can send an allocation parameter to the social networking application and receive electronic instructions that modify it. These changes subsequently impact the electronic information, altering the quantity of tokens. The graphical features adapt in real-time, mirroring the changes made in the social networking application, providing users with an engaging and dynamic experience.

CoinLion’s invention offers a multitude of possibilities for users to explore. The graphical features incorporate multimedia content, enriching the user experience and enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the data. Electronic hyperlinks associated with transactions further enhance interactivity, allowing users to explore different types of graphical features.

By acting as an electronic interface between users, blockchains, and social networking applications, CoinLion’s method facilitates seamless communication and information sharing. Users can create unique identification names for the aggregated information, set electronic objectives, and specify token types, ensuring a personalized experience tailored to their preferences.

CoinLion was formed in 2017 out of the need for a better way to trade and manage cryptocurrencies. By listening to what the user needs, they have introduced a secure, U.S.-based exchange, automatic trading, and a community where experts and newbies can come together.

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