Oklahoma Patent of the Month – May 2023

Optecks LLC, an innovative medical technology company, has patented a novel system for providing 3D imaging of a surgical site during surgery. This cutting-edge technology aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of laparoscopic and colonoscopy procedures, revolutionizing the field of minimally invasive surgery.

Optecks’ system consists of a tubular sleeve, resembling an endoscope, which is inserted into the patient’s body. At the end of the sleeve, a medical scanning and mapping system is positioned. This system has optical hardware, including optical sources and cameras, that work together to scan and capture 3D images of the surgical site within the patient’s body.

The system uses plenoptic cameras which capture variation of intensity with spatial position and angle of rays from the optical sources. This allows for precise and detailed imaging of the three-dimensional environment within the body.

The captured images are processed by an image reconstruction system, which utilizes advanced algorithms and processors to obtain 3D imaging with depth dimensions of the surgical site. The system can also provide 3D measurements of various features within the surgical environment, aiding surgeons in accurate assessments and decision-making.

The system also incorporates an optically-based pattern generator that projects structured light patterns onto the surgical area. This feature enables the system to create original projected patterns with controlled spatial variations in intensity, enhancing the accuracy of the 3D spatial reconstructions.

The use of multiple high-resolution cameras, positioned at different distances from the optical source, ensures simultaneous image capture and facilitates stereoscopic reconstruction. This allows for precise determination of 3D spatial reconstructions, even when the position of the optical source varies.

The precision imaging ensures the system is able to guide and position the optical hardware system within the body. The image reconstruction system analyzes the 3D measurements and communicates control signals to guide the optical hardware system, optimizing its positioning and operation. It also has implications for colonoscopy procedures. By providing real-time measurements and positioning data, the system assists in identifying loops within the colon, improving the accuracy and effectiveness of the procedure.

Optecks is a Texas Instruments Authorized Design House based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company was founded to provide both standard and customized solutions for DLP-based systems and products in a wide variety of applications including machine vision, spectroscopy, 3D printing and more.

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