Tennessee Patent of the Month – May 2023

ZYP Coatings, Inc., pioneers of the boron nitride-based coatings for non-wetting applications, has patented their flexible ceramic coatings compound designed to be applied to metal surfaces, particularly ferrous metals, and provide flexibility, durability, hardness, and density.

ZYP Coating’s coating is composed of a mixture containing R2O—SiO2—B2O3, where R2O represents an alkali metal oxide, SiO2 refers to silicon dioxide, and B2O3 to boron oxide. The alkali metal oxides used can be potassium oxide (K2O), sodium oxide (Na2O), lithium oxide (Li2O), or combinations thereof. The specific ratio of the composition is adjusted based on the product to be coated.

The method of forming the ceramic coating involves applying a raw material mixture onto the metal substrate, which can be prepared as a bulk paint or a dry powder mixture. The coated substrate is then heated at temperatures exceeding 800°C for at least an hour, resulting in the formation of a ceramic composition-based coating that adheres to the metal.

ZYP Coatings’ innovation extends to their bulk paint system, which includes water, a suspender, and raw materials derived from alkali oxide, silica, and boron oxide precursors. After heating, the bulk paint system transforms into a coating with the desired R2O—SiO2—B2O3 composition.

These advancements in ceramic coatings and their manufacturing methods offer great potential for various industries. The flexibility, durability, and hardness of these coatings make them suitable for a wide range of applications, providing enhanced protection and performance to metal substrates.

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