Surf Internet Makes Waves in Knox, Indiana: A Fiber-Optic Revolution

In a groundbreaking moment for the City of Knox, Indiana, Surf Internet has set its sights on transforming the digital landscape. On a sunny July 20th, Surf Internet joined forces with the Starke County Economic Development Foundation and the City of Knox to kick off a monumental construction project: delivering fiber-optic internet to the heart of the city.

With an ambitious investment of nearly $2 million, Surf is on a mission to provide fiber connectivity to 1,200 addresses this year alone. But the vision doesn’t stop there – by 2024, they’re planning to extend this high-speed privilege to over 1,600 homes. This ambitious undertaking is particularly remarkable due to the rural nature of Starke County.

Leveraging strategic grant funding, Surf is determined to connect even the most remote locations. Thanks to the Indiana Connectivity Program, Surf is ensuring that 20 rural addresses become part of the digital revolution. In a recent triumph, the company secured $79,500 in the program’s latest round of funding.

Gene Crusie, the visionary CEO of Surf, emphasized the significance of this endeavor. “Surf is the first company to step up and deploy fiber-optic broadband to Knox,” he stated. This commitment resonates deeply with the community, as it promises to transform lives, businesses, and educational institutions.

Scheduled for completion by summer 2024, the project encompasses various phases that will usher in a new era of connectivity. The fiber infrastructure lays the groundwork for Surf’s future plans, including introducing multi-gig speeds – a testament to their dedication to providing top-notch service.

Mayor Dennis Estok of Knox expressed his excitement, highlighting how high-speed, affordable internet will enhance the community. “We look forward to building a long-lasting community partnership with them,” Mayor Estok stated, underscoring the potential for positive change that Surf brings to the city.

This endeavor is part of Surf Internet’s broader mission: constructing an advanced fiber-optic network that blankets rural communities across the Great Lakes Region of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Surf Internet isn’t just providing internet connectivity – they’re crafting a gateway to the future. By bridging the digital divide in underserved areas, they’re empowering communities and demonstrating the transformative power of innovation. As the world becomes increasingly connected, Surf Internet is at the forefront of ensuring no one gets left behind.

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