Wyoming Patent of the Month – August 2023

Gunwerks, LLC, was founded by and for hunters. They know that the difference between a successful shot and going home empty handed is precision in the gear you use. With this knowledge in mind, the company continually strives to build better gear – and that includes better riflescopes.

Introducing an adjustment assembly designed specifically for riflescope enthusiasts. This assembly showcases a knob that rotates about a central axis, a seemingly simple feature with extraordinary capabilities. At the heart of this innovation lies a disc, etched with a trace that bears a unique characteristic. This trace’s attribute evolves along its length, granting it unparalleled versatility.

Accurate adjustments are achieved through the pairing of this inventive assembly with smart sensors. A first sensor measures the trace’s characteristic at a particular point along its length, acting as a digital fingerprint of sorts. A second sensor, attuned to detect full revolutions of the knob, further enhances the precision. These sensors form the core of a processor, a digital brain capable of converting this intricate data into valuable insights.

What makes Gunwerks’ creation truly remarkable is its potential to determine the displacement of an erector tube within a riflescope. The processor correlates the value from the first sensor with the knob’s partial rotation relative to a starting point. Factor in the information gleaned from the second sensor, capturing complete knob revolutions, and voilà—the displacement of the erector tube is revealed.

What sets Gunwerks apart is its pursuit of excellence in rifle optics. This adjustment assembly stands as a testament to their commitment to reshaping the shooting experience. By combining cutting-edge technology with precision engineering, Gunwerks has crafted an assembly that promises enhanced accuracy and unrivaled control.

Gunwerks’ design blends tradition and technology; the tactile feel of rotating the knob remains, but now it’s augmented by the power of sensors and processors. It’s a marriage of craftsmanship and computational prowess, a synergy that could redefine what’s possible in long-range shooting.

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