Texas Research Reveals Pineapple’s Could Help Feed the World

pineapple-867245_960_720From pineapple embellished cakes and pizzas to salads and piña coladas – there is no denying that the humble tropical fruit is a versatile one. In fact, in the agricultural network pineapples are more than just a delicious refreshment, they are also prominent water-savers that may help feed the world.

To expand on this, researchers at the Texas A&M University have worked with researchers across four continents to discover how pineapples thrive on such a minimal amount of water. The findings, released this month, could actually help wheat, rice and other key crops grow with up to 80 percent less h2O.

To emphasize the impact this could have, Qingyu Yu, a professor of plant genomics and molecular biology at Texas A&M University, describes that world food production needs to double by 2050 to meet an ever-growing population demand. Hence, the global implications the pineapple could have on agriculture could be enormous. Yu further notes that, “Drought is responsible for the majority of global crop loss, so understanding the mechanisms that plants have evolved to survive water stress is vital for engineering drought tolerance in crops.”

Furthermore, the scientists discovered that pineapples, the prickly natives of South America, share ancestry with rice, wheat, corn and other water- yearning crops. The anticipation is that pineapples can instill those plants with improved water conservation – particularly in hotter and parched climates.

So this holiday season, as you take a sip from your piña colada or indulge in a bite of pineapple adorned pizza, you can pat yourself on the back for choosing a fruit that has the potential to help nourish the world’s population.

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