Trackums: The Pet Tracker so you’ll never lose your furry friend again

Ever worry that a beloved lost dog or cat will never be found? That’s what happened to David Wareikis, CEO of Bluejay Wireless. Shortly after his marriage to his wife Rockelle, her dog went missing. To the family’s dismay, they were unable to find the lost pet. With the conviction that pets aren’t just animals but family, Wareikis started Trackums, the smart GPS tracker for pets.

The Carrollton-based Trackums launched this year. It offers a unique, modern solution to an old problem of missing pets. Attached to a pet’s collar, Trackums is cellular-based and comes with nationwide GPS tracking so a WiFi or a Bluetooth connection isn’t needed to track the whereabouts of the missing pet. Owners can set up “safe areas” using the Geofencing and Location Alerts feature for when their pets venture off from these safe areas. The device also consists of a virtual ID tag, a safety light, and even a 2 Megapixel camera for pet owners to stalk the secret lives of their pets.  If that’s not secure enough, the device comes with a two-way calling feature so owners can communicate with their pets and if a pet becomes lost, someone can contact the owner directly using Trackums.

Trackums works for all animals, from dogs, cats, bunnies, and even pet rooster. Not only does it provide the state-of-the-art telecommunications technology, it is also built with the pet-proof toughness needed to endure all of your pets’ adventures. Are you experimenting with building new tracking technologies to protect your pets and loved ones? Did you know that your prototypes even if unsuccessful are eligible for the R&D Tax Credit and you can receive up to 14% back on your expenses? To find out more, please contact a Swanson Reed R&D Specialist today.

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