Utah Patent of the Month – December 2023

In the realm of pharmaceutical innovation, the cutting-edge developments by SignPath Pharma Inc. are revolutionizing the landscape of drug discovery. A newly patented solution has been designed to prevent drug-induced cardiac events, atrio-ventricular (AV) blocks in particular.

The beating of the heart is controlled by precisely spaced waves of myocardial excitation and contraction. When the spaces between these phases are interrupted, arrhythmias can occur. Some drugs are known to – or even meant to – extend these intervals. However, if it’s not carefully controlled, it can become deadly.

The patent includes a method of treating this drug-induced AV block, or even preventing it. The method involves co-treating the patient with a therapeutic lipid supplement which will reduce the risk of AV blocks brought on by their initial treatment. The specific lipid composition is dependent on the drug the patient is already being treated with. Marketed as CorreQT, the company’s solution has been shown to mitigate cardiomyopathy – a common side effect of chemotherapy. A second, tested application is the prevention of cardiac arrhythmia.

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