Virginia Patent of the Month – June 2023

The prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE) – or blood clots in the veins – is a critical concern, particularly in situations where individuals are immobile or have limited mobility for extended periods. 

To address this issue, TS Medical, LLC has developed an innovative solution. TS Medical was founded in 2013 to develop innovative health products that support healthy lifestyles. Their latest invention is a compact and lightweight exercise device designed to exercise the muscles in the ankle, foot, and leg, ultimately promoting increased blood circulation and reducing the risk of VTE.

The portable exercise device consists of a pedal and a base, both constructed with flat rectangular bodies of similar dimensions. The pedal is pivotally connected to the base, allowing it to rotate in two directions: towards the base and away from it. This unique design enables full flexion and extension of the user’s foot, providing a complete range of motion. 

To create resistance during exercise, the device incorporates a mechanism that exerts force on the pedal in a direction opposite to its rotational movement. This resistance mechanism can be customized using elastomeric bands, friction devices, torsion bars, springs, inflatable devices, or bellows. The amount of force exerted can also be adjusted, making the device suitable for users at different fitness levels.

The pedal itself is designed with a toe end and a heel end, pivoting around a central pivot axis. Positioned above the base, the pedal’s neutral position aligns with the base when not in use. However, during exercise, the pedal can be rotated in both directions, providing a rocking motion that engages the ankle, foot, and leg muscles.

One of the notable features of TS Medical’s exercise device is its simplicity and practicality. Unlike bulky and complex devices commonly used in hospitals, this portable device is lightweight, compact, and suitable for use in various settings. Whether it’s during hospitalization, postoperative care, travel, work, or daily routines, individuals at risk of VTE can easily incorporate this device into their lifestyle.

Regular use of this exercise device helps increase blood circulation, particularly in the ankle, foot, and leg muscles. By promoting muscle movement and preventing blood from accumulating in the lower extremities, the risk of VTE is significantly reduced. This device offers a convenient and effective solution for individuals seeking to maintain their health and well-being, particularly those who are immobile or have limited mobility. This limited mobility may include those of us who sit at a desk throughout the workday with minimal motion. 

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