Which Texan City is Exceeding Tech Job Growth?

From 2015 to 2016, tech jobs in Texas increased by 1.9%, producing 11,000 new jobs. Yet the standout city was Dallas, creating 2,978 jobs last year, mainly due to strong growth in computer systems design, telecommunications services and IT services.

With the exception of California, Texas hires more tech workers than any other state. Last year, 2,196 tech jobs were generated in Houston, 974 in Austin and 843 in San Antonio, bringing the total number of tech employees in the state to 592,960. These cities are among the fastest-growing metro areas in the US. Popular tech jobs include computer user support specialist with almost 5,000 workers in San Antonio alone, followed by application software developer with 4,620 employed.

Interestingly, Austin ranked 1st for start-up hubs based inland and 6th in the US overall, demonstrating that entrepreneurial activity is now occurring away from the typical coastal regions and well-known technology hubs. In actual fact, start-ups are now being formed in every state, in what has been termed, “The Rise of the Rest.” This is significant as high-growth start-ups provide the most potential for employment growth; they tend to create jobs faster than more established organizations.

Nationally, the tech sector grew by almost 3% in 2016, with California, New York, Florida and Massachusetts also among the top states for tech jobs. Tech job gains were largest in California, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Michigan.

Today, there are more US workers in tech jobs than in finance, transportation or construction. Since 2010, there has been a 2.7% gain each year for the sector. Technology is transforming every industry, as businesses become more and more reliant on IT for growth. Tim Herber from CompTIA, declared that, “Organizations of all sizes are embracing cloud-based technology solutions, expanding their mobile presence, fortifying cyber defenses and driving decision-making through advanced data analysis.”

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