Indiana research and development facility creates over 100 jobs

Faurecia Clean Mobility, one of the world’s largest automotive equipment suppliers, announced plans to open a new research and development production facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The opening of this new facility will create over 100 jobs and provide local job seekers, within the automotive productions industry, with some fantastic opportunities.

An initial investment of $4 million will be made in order to begin operations at the 137,500 square foot facility. Fort Wayne’s Mayor, Tom Henry, said this investment is an outcome of the city’s strategy to remain and attract quality employees in Indiana.

As leading companies in innovation, such as Faurecia, continue to become established and develop their R&D focus in Indiana, the state is able to leverage significant competitive advantage. This highlights the importance of companies approaching business practices from an innovative and unique angle, such as engaging in R&D initiatives.

Innovation and research forms the backbone of Faurecia’s activities from the birth of an idea to the final validation of the concept. The role of Faurecia’s R&D organization is to anticipate the needs of the global automotive market and drive progress. Faurecia currently relies on the network of 30 R&D centers, which employ 6,000 engineers and technicians in 11 countries. This pinpoints the overall impact that engaging in R&D can have on an organization, as it not only affects company developments, however, also facilitates significant employment opportunities.

Faurecia is reliant on its R&D facilities worldwide, in order to be more in touch with the needs of various automotive markets, particularly in growth regions. R&D has allowed Faurecia to advance expertise, form effective collaborations and partnerships, extend the company’s network, and allow it to produce and release groundbreaking and state of the art products.

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