Wyoming Patent of the Month – February 2023

Oil production is a complex process that involves a series of upstream operations to extract crude oil, water, and natural gas. To achieve this, surface installations such as wells, manifolds, pipelines, production lines, and separators are installed. However, these installations can become obsolete over time due to changes in the production capabilities of the well. Additionally, replacing the equipment with smaller, less expensive options could result in production shutdowns, system purging, and welding, which is an expensive process. To solve these issues, Kustom Koncepts, Inc. has come up with a novel solution to the challenges of oil production.

Kustom Koncepts has created a portable oil production system that can easily be contracted or expanded using skid-mounted components. This means that it is now possible to modify oil production systems without welding onsite, thereby saving costs and increasing efficiency. The modular system can be installed in a fraction of the time needed for traditional systems, with a 30-35% reduction in costs. The system also features full safety systems, which ensure that it is ready for use upon installation.

The portable oil production modular system consists of several skid sections, with each skid section mounted on a set of beams. The first skid section includes a piping manifold, a separator for separating a water-oil mixture into separate fluid components, and a piping manifold connection assembly. The second skid section is separable from the first skid section and includes its own piping manifold, piping manifold connection assembly, and a second set of spaced-apart beams. The first and second skid sections are connected via a fork pin connector with guide plates that is coupled to a beam of one skid section, while the other end of the fork pin connector has angled projections on the guide plates with a pin there between.

Should the oil production system for the oil well need a smaller or larger separator, a third skid section can replace the first skid section by disconnecting the first skid section from the second skid section. The third and second skid sections can then be connected using the same fork pin connector.

The connector used to secure two sections together includes an angled pin plate with an angled end at one end and the other end welded to a beam of the skid. As the skids are pushed together, the angled end of the pin plate engages the side of the web of a beam, such as an I-beam. The portable oil production modular system also features a conduit containing a set of conductors capable of carrying electrical signals that can be connected via an interconnection of the first and second conduits.

The portable oil production modular system developed by Kustom Koncepts, Inc. offers a solution to the challenges of oil production. The system is cost-effective, easy to install, and offers increased efficiency. Its modular nature means that it can be easily modified to meet changing production needs.

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