New 3D printing R&D facility opening in North Carolina

North Carolina may become the next 3D printing hub in the near future after Swiss company, Oerlikon, announced it will be opening a new R&D production facility for advanced 3D printed parts in Charlotte, NC.

The new facility will offer clients integrated, end-to-end services for advanced additive manufacturing. 3D printing offers manufacturers a number of advantages over traditional manufacturing processes, such as customization and efficiency in terms of materials, lead time, and cost.

Oerlikon, the globally recognized technology group, will be investing roughly CHF55 million (Approximately $55 million USD) into the new facility over the next two years and will create over 100 new jobs.

The company says additive manufacturing has been identified as a potential growth area, and is primed to leverage its strong materials heritage, service reputation, access to markets, and more.

With its new 3D printing R&D and production facility, Oerlikon is aiming to further establish itself as a global leader in surface solutions and advanced materials. The expansion of the company’s global additive manufacturing business can be owed to the simultaneously growing demand for advanced 3D printed metal parts in various industries.

The planned R&D facility in Charlotte will be an important step in Oerlikon’s plans to grow their additive manufacturing business and investment in key technology areas.

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