North Carolina R&D project receives $1.47m Grant

SeaTox Research Inc. and the University of North Caroline Wilmington (UNCW) have collaborated in an R&D study to further develop toxin tests for seafood.

The study has now received a $1.47 million R&D grant, which will provide significant advancement in its ability to detect neurotoxins from harmful algal blooms that make people sick when they eat contaminated fish and shellfish.

The tests are designed to be used by research groups and regulatory agencies to monitor toxin content in fisheries to protect the public from the detrimental effects of neurotoxins.

SeaTox Research Inc. is a biotechnology company located in UNCW’s CREST Research Park. It is involved in assay development and pharmaceutical R&D utilizing materials, originating from the marine environment.

Assay development involves inventing and designing scientific tests, modifying the tests to optimize efficiency and then validating those tests with a large pool of data to determine effectiveness.

The university’s strategic plan includes innovation as one of its core values as this is a commitment to continuous improvement and breakthrough advances to ensure distinctiveness.

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