A Doctor for Finances: Chicago-based Holberg Financial develops capital wellness platform

A Chicago startup suggests that offering financial health and wellness can reduce stress and increase overall satisfaction in the workplace. Holberg Financial has created a platform that mixes behavioral economics and psychology with access to a living person that can help people, namely Millennial employees, with finances.

“I grew up in a financially unstable household, and I remember that there were times when we had enough money to go on vacations, but there were also times when we didn’t have enough money to put food on the table. I had to borrow $40 from a neighbor just to apply for college,” said CEO and Founder of Holberg Financial, Joe Holberg.

Upon signing up, a user’s financial information is gathered all in one place where they can receive assessments on how they are doing. A financial survey is then conducted, thus generating a score between 0-100. According to an article in 1871 Blog, Holberg Financial has helped to increase user financial health by 6.3 points, on average. The platform is different from others out there because, instead of providing only a financial overview, it offers users goal development with emphasis on a plan of action. “It helps people recognize that personal finance is a fixed pie and allows users to come up with prioritized goals that they can set, track, and eventually realize.”

The Holberg Financial platform provides companies with the option to offer financial health as a benefit to employees, although companies must pay for the platform, it is free and unbiased for the employees who use the service.

“Companies that have used our platform often come back to us and say that it’s really helped them retain employees and increase productivity. And then, when we look at averages, we see that employees are able to build their net worth by over $3,000 in less than a year and significantly reduce their debt profile as well.”

May questionable credit be a thing of the past.

For more information on the Holberg Financial platform, please click here.

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